Eternal Power Foundation 

A Mission Of Self -Empowerment

About Us

All the powers in universe are equally available to each one of us who is born on earth without any discrimination. That’s the beauty of nature which does not discriminate irrespective of ones beliefs and life style.

One who will start journey with Eternal Power foundation (EPF) will understand how easy and straight forward is the key to liberation in this life and beyond. One can have all the enjoyments this life has to offer and still be near to divine and have access to all powers. In fact, we are born to experience everything that’s the whole purpose of the existence!

With us you will go through lot of internal approval processes knowingly or unknowingly as if this organization is your own creation which actually is! After sometime you will understand how we all are deeply connected with each other.

Hidden treasures in Self Discovery will be useful to people from all walks of life. The one who will follow directions and exercises shared by EPF, will hold the key to success in material, emotional and spiritual world without sacrificing life style.

There are a lot of myths about what one can and can’t do or have, what is good and bad, right or wrong etc. At every step, we have been bombarded with wrong beliefs which are making our journey very painful. As a result, freedom of existence is lost under the burden of these beliefs.   

We are all part of this universe and each one of us reflect the qualities of it. There is a constant desire in all of us to expand every moment and in every direction. Be it expansion in knowledge or relationships or materialistic aspirations. It’s our true nature. Whenever there is slightest attempt to expand from any direction, by external forces or from within, the belief system stop this expansion and we become unhappy.

Eternal truth (powers) of the universe cannot be explained in words. It can only be experienced. If one is willing, there is an equal opportunity to access all powers universe has to offer. All the languages have limitations. The alphabets are not sufficient to explain universal phenomenon. Words and meaning of words keep changing with time. That is why one will never understand and grasp the eternal truth merely by reading books. One has to experience it and that’s the real purpose of this Organization. 

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