Eternal Power Foundation 

A Mission Of Self -Empowerment

You Are Not Alone



We conduct and demonstrate various group meditation techniques at your own place be it your office, schools, collages, society for some days and then you can carry with your practice.

List Of Weekly Meditations


  • Monday Saral  Meditation & Kriya. (Body and shwas Scanning)
  • Tuesday Saral Meditation  & Kriya. (Sound Of Sun Meditation)
  • Wednesday Saral Meditation & Kriya. (Self Enquiry meditation)
  • Thursday Saral Meditation & Kriya.            (Being In present  and no resistance meditation)
  • Friday Saral meditation & Kriya (Mind Training and Samarpan)
  • Saturday Saral meditation & Kriya.(Anahata Naad)
  • Sunday Saral Meditation & Kriya    (Active Meditation) 


  Live Workshop


 Master the mind and you will master your Life.....

Eternal Power Foundation

Eternal Power Foundation (EPF) is a movement which promotes self-empowerment of individuals thus creating no/less dependency on external factors for them to achieve success in any area of life. EPF has a mission to empower every being by spreading basic understanding of one’s true self which is referred as Eternal Power. EPF is movement which teaches various Mind training techniques including meditation. All EPF sessions  solely run on voluntary contributions. EPF conducts two type of programs : 1] Human Engineering workshop, Duration 2.5 hours. 2] 7 days mind training program, Duration 1 hour daily. EPF has developed own set of simple meditations for everyday use for everybody. Meditations are taught during week long workshops across Maharashtra on invitation basis. EPF visit people’s premises of choice like school, college, corporate office, housing society, fitness centre etc to conduct mediation workshops. EPF promotes only core principles of wellbeing .  Organisations and individuals willing to take this work forward can affiliate with EPF. EPF welcomes all those who want to volunteer selflessly. 

EPF also provide personal counselling, for any physical, mental or spiritual healing.


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